Free migraine consultation

Over the past few years, we’ve helped hundreds of migraine sufferers - just like you - better understand their migraines and improve their health and wellbeing. We now offer free advice over the phone to those who most need it.

We offer 15-minute migraine consultations to help you find a way forward.

15 minutes purely to talk about you and your migraines.

It is not a sales call. It's a chat with someone who will listen. A second opinion. A new perspective.

Take advantage of our years of experience.

Working with hundreds of migraine cases means we're in a good position to help you join the dots about how to fix yours.

Pick a time that works for you

Enter your details below and we'll send you a link to our calendar so you can schedule your call.


"It was really surprising to me that someone from Migraine Escape would take the time on a weekend (because that time suited me) to call me and focus on my individual case. The information I received was a revelation and exciting, but at the same time empathetic and respectful of everything I have been experiencing with my migraine history. I would encourage everyone to make time for a call. You’ll be glad you did."





"I have been suffering migraines for close to ten years, generally on a daily basis. I've tried many treatments, trialled many medications & tried different therapies. Michael and his team really helped me to understand more about the body and myself. Most importantly I don't feel like they are just trying to sell me items. I really feel like they are helping me. I can't thank the Migraine Escape team enough."

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